Ultimate Disney Christmas Vacation

It's All In The Planning!

We had thought about a Disney Christmas vacation for a long time, but decided to take the plunge and go for it. We decided to drive to Florida instead of flying. You never know what the weather might be, and the thought of the airport crowds and possible delays was not an option for us. Depending on where you live, the weather might not be a problem so you may be planning to fly and many of these tips could apply to you as well. The only other obvious tip would be to be sure and get to the airport early. I know many travelers don't heed that warning and get away with it most of the time. However, the Christmas holiday is not one of those times to test that. I love to save time and fly, but my kids prefer road trips and we do make our road trips a lot of fun.

So if you decided to drive on your holiday trip to Disney, then you will need my Christmas list that actually starts before you leave home. You can make your vacation perfect if you do a little planning ahead. So here's some tips I've learned to help get your vacation going:

  • Pack some fun holiday coloring books and games for your road trip.
  • Download holiday movies on your devices and don't forget your holiday CD's
  • Plan ahead on some fun stops on the route that might break up the long drive.
  • When you stop for gas, grab some candy canes and hot chocolate.
  • Sing Christmas carols to calm down rambunctious kiddos.
  • Florida has mild weather in the winter, but we found it gets cool at night and it seems to rain more often, so pack mild weather clothes but also bring a light jacket that is water resistant. If you forget, they do sell rain panchos at all the parks.
  • That being said, you will have some beautiful sunny days warm enough for a swim, so pack your swimsuits as well.
  • Don't forget to make your Advanced Dining Reservations! The crowd level is high and you don't want to spend all your time waiting for a table service restaurant so be sure to get your reservations.
  • Fastpasses are also important anytime, but specially when the parks are more crowded. With a Fastpass you can skip the line and get right on your ride at the appointed time on your Fastpass ticket. Grab your Fastpass online before you leave home or get them as soon as you arrive at the park.
  • Another thing you want to do as soon as you arrive at the park is get a map with the attraction times. You don't want to miss out on extra holiday parades and shows, so you can plan your day accordingly. You can also pick them up at most of the resort lobbies. Even if you have been to WDW many times but never at Christmas, the maps will have all of the holiday additions.
  • One thing that the maps may not include is all of the special holiday happenings at the resorts. The Grand Floridian sets up an incredible display of gingerbread houses. Check online before you go to get all of the information on the resorts and which ones have special holiday events or displays. You can also check the front desk or the concierge at your resort to see if they have information. I've learned that the resort concierges seem to be on top of everything that goes on.
  • This might be a good time to try out Memory Maker, Disney's prepaid photo plan. You want everybody in your holiday photos and the Disney photographers are everywhere! You get to digitally download all of them for one price with Memory Maker. It's nice to have it all prepaid before you go. Here's a link to get more information about Memory Maker.
Hollywood Studios Tree

I hope these tips I've offered help you prepare for your ultimate Disney Christmas vacation. It's always a magical place, but it's even MORE magical at Christmas. You will be making memories that will last a lifetime!


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