Ultimate Disney Christmas Gift

Have you seen the Disney commercials about giving the ultimate Christmas gift by giving a Disney vacation? You might be thinking that sounds extravagant and you wish you could afford to give such an awesome gift. What you probably don't get from the commercial is how you CAN do this with only $200. What? No you can't go to Disney World or Disneyland for just $200, but you can book a vacation and only pay $200 deposit. Then you have until 30 day of your arrival to pay it off. So if you can plan your vacation far enough in advance, you can put that ultimate Christmas gift under you tree and start making payments or saving up to pay off the balance. I have been planning my own and many others Disney vacations long enough to realize that most people aren't aware of the deposit factor.

Worried about booking a trip and then something comes up and you can't go? Well you can get a refund or reschedule your vacation with one easy phone call. Depending on how close you are to your arrival date, Disney will only require a $50 cancellation fee. Rescheduling is free, but it also will rely on availability of your resort rooms. You can also alter and change your reservations if you want to add days or remove them or add or remove other features you might have included in your reservations, such as dining. The only thing you can't cancel is airfare. Airfare is required to be paid in full at the time your reservations are made. However, you don't have to include flight plans when you first book. They can be added later. Just don't wait too late or you might not get available seats or desired flight times.

So, if your are thinking about a Disney vacation next year, you can book your reservation now with just the $200 deposit and give the Ultimate Disney Vacation gift for Christmas!

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