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Top 10 Most-Instagrammed Locations In 2017

Disneyland Anaheim took the #1 spot!

"It all started with a mouse" Walt Disney
Want to know what the Top Ten Most-Instagrammed locations in the world are? Well you
won't be surprised to find out that four Disney Parks are in that top ten list, according to the
Disney Parks Blog. Instagram has released the 2017 Top Ten Most-Instagrammed Locations
list and here they are:
Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California
1. Disneyland, Anaheim, USA
2. Times Square, New York City, USA
3. Central Park, New York City, USA
4. Tour Eiffel, Paris, France
5. Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan
6. Disney's Magic Kingdom, Orlando, USA
7. Musee du Louvre, Paris, France
8. Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, USA
9. Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim, USA
10. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA
Instagram lumped all of the Disney Parks together  last year and put them in the #1 spot. I
assume they recognize that isn't realistic anymore with so many different aspects of each
park, not to mention some of the cultural differences that make them so special and popular.
According to this list it is obvious the United States dominates the social media population
even though Instagram boasts their global community of over 800 million members. It's no
surprise that New York City (and Brooklyn) took three of the spots considering it holds the
number one spot when you are counting visitors to the US. It will be interesting to see what
2018 brings and how many will add this to their bucket lists or will we see a trend in other
areas of the world. No matter what happens, I can't imagine that Disney won't have a
permanent place on this list. It is the “happiest place in the world” and we Disney fans LOVE
to snap photos of everything we do when we visit the parks.
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