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Top 5 Disney Quizzes!

Ok it's time for some real fun and test your Disney knowledge. It's one thing to say you love all things Disney and another to be able to say you are a true Disney fan and enthusiast. Do you take every Disney Quiz that you find online? Even if you don't get 100% the first time around, a true fan will keep taking it until they have achieved that 100% goal. Taking a quiz is not only fun but educational and every true Disney fan loves to learn anything and everything about Disney. So every time I see one, I jump onboard. I thought it would also be fun to search out what fans consider the best ones so I created a Top 5 List of the most popular Disney Quizzes. I've included the links for you so have fun!

The Ultimate Disney Trivia Quiz

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Name The Disney Villain

Which Disney Character Are You?

Name That Disney Song

So are we having fun yet? How well did you score? I'm keeping this post short because I just wanted to enjoy taking some Disney quizzes and I'm sure you found more quizzes on these links. I can spend way too much time taking all the fun quizzes but it is a great stress reliever. Don't get discouraged if you didn't score high, just keep retaking them until you do and you will then be a true blue Disney fan. Some of the quizzes will even change the questions each time you take it, so you can return and have fun retaking them. Keep in touch by signing up for my free weekly newsletter and get some upcoming posts, news, current Disney Travel special offers, and more fun stuff!!!

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