Sailing Away On A Disney Cruise

Sailing away on a Disney Cruise

Yes my title sounds like an ad for Disney Cruise Line, but I think its appropriate and describes how I feel when the ship pulls away from the dock. The loud horns bellow out the first seven chords of When You Wish Upon A Star and I get chills. Partly because that song always brings me chills and partly because I know we are headed for a few days of total fun and relaxation. Of course the fun starts first with all the disembarking celebrations. The cast throws a real crowd pleasing party with dancing and Disney characters while waiters pass out tall tropical drinks. You have to purchase the ones with alcohol but the non-alcoholic drinks are free. When the party winds down, like magic the pool appears right where we were standing and dancing earlier.

 Arriving at our cabin, we (again) magically find our luggage waiting for us along with a cute towel animal greeting us. We freshen up and head to our first dining location. This cruise was for only 3 nights, but each night will be a different dining location. The nice part is our waiters travel with us to each one. By the second night, they have learned some of your likes and dislikes, which makes for a very pleasant dining experience. I noticed they pay close attention to details and even personalities. They might suggest trying a different type of cuisine if you seem to have an adventurous nature. They can also spot a fussy eater and make sure they get special attention. Of course, everything we tried was incredibly delicious and you get so much food that dessert had to be packed to take back to the room for later.
Besides the wonderful dining experiences, there is so much to do. We even watched a live performance of a Disney movie and a full-length current Disney movie. The live performance show was Broadway quality and
very impressive.  There were lots of character meet and greets and always a photographer snapping photos. Our cruise was to the Bahamas and we booked a snorkeling excursion. That was really fun even though we got pretty sunburned. Disney also has a private island, Castaway Cay, and guests spend a whole day on their beach relaxing or swimming and snorkeling in their lagoon. They serve a great lunch and have cabanas to rent for a fee. Theres also an adult only beach area to escape the noise and activity of the main beach. Plenty of trails for hiking and biking. Theres also a tram to take you to and from the ship.
The night life other than the shows included several night clubs and bars. Theres even one for teens (no alcohol served of course). If you have little ones, dont worry, theres an incredible supervised play area. You check them in and youre given a radio so you can be contacted if there is a problem. The kids are entertained as only Disney can do and they probably have more fun than you do.
My favorite part of the cruise was the spa. Aroma therapy showers, heated stone bed sauna, and a mani/pedi had me totally relaxed and feeling pampered. We had to follow that with a gourmet dinner at Palo. You want to make reservations ASAP because this is the top place for adults to get away for and began an incredible evening. I havent been on any other cruise lines and I’m sure I will at some point in my life, but I do know it will be hard to top the DCL and their spotless ship and abundance of cast members available to cater to your every whim (with a smile).

If your itinerary includes shore excursions, be sure to book those as soon as you book your cruise reservations. There are some really great ones and they fill up fast. We went on a snorkeling cruise when we were in port at Nassau, Bahamas.  It was incredible and they took us out to a reef where we felt like we were swimming around in a tropical aquarium there were so many colorful fish.  When we returned to shore, we still have the afternoon to explore the Atlantis Resort and Casino. After walking on the beach for a while, we visited the casino. Before heading back to the ship, we enjoyed a cocktail at this beautiful bar. There was an aquarium at the resort, but we didn't have time. We were very disappointed because it looked like it would really be fun. Maybe next time we will make that our excursion!


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