Road Trip To Disneyland

So Much To See Along Route 66

My kids had never been to Disneyland or even California, so we decided to make it a memorable vacation and take a road trip via Route 66. There are so many iconic things to see along Route 66 that we had to make a list and choose between them. We had to pack the whole trip into 9 days so we had to plan our trip so we could make our stops at the top choices. Of course, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas were our major picks, but there were a few others that we felt were worthy of stopping for pictures.

The Cadillac Ranch is in the middle of a corn field out in the middle of nowhere west of Amarillo, Texas. It was the created in 1974 by a group of artists that were supported by billionaire Stanley Marsh III, who wanted a piece of public art that depicted the times and baffle the public. The artists decided to make a tribute to the evolution of the iconic Cadillac tail fin.

Once back on the road, we found a few other fun and interesting stops. There is a meteor crater south of Winslow, Arizona that is incredible and worthy of the fee to see it and a really nice museum. We also had fun stopping at some of the local Arizona souvenir shops and picking up a few cool souvenirs. The girls found some homemade arrows with real arrowheads.

It was late in the day when we arrived at the Grand Canyon and even though I had visited when I was young, I had forgotten how breathtaking the canyon is. As the sun began to sink we walked back to the parking lot at the park headquarters, we noticed a lot of people walking towards a path that lead back to the canyon. We decided to follow them and were so glad we did as the path led to a viewing area that jutted out into the canyon and the view of the sunset was unbelievable.  It was one of those experiences you know will never be forgotten. You could literally watch the colors change on the canyon walls as the sun went down.

The next morning we headed out for Vegas, but first we made a stop at Hoover Dam. It was a harrowing drive down to the observation area and the heat was almost unbearable. They have a large parking garage and even a restaurant with several viewing areas. It was too crowded to wait for a guided tour, so we got back on the road so we wouldn't arrive too late at our hotel in Las Vegas. Vegas was really fun and there was way too much to do in the two nights we were staying.

We did however discover Buddy Velasco's (The Cake Boss) Italian restaurant in the Venetian. I have to say and we all agreed it was the best Italian food we have ever eaten and the Cannoli's are to die for. Right across the hall was his bakery, Carlo's Bake Shop. The line to get in was about 20 people long, so we didn't get any goodies this time.

We were staying at the MGM Grande and it really was grand. You had to follow a map to find your way around. We bought tickets to see Cirque de Soleil's show KA and it was really incredible. The million dollar theater was built just for this show. It had a steam punk theme and the wall on either side of the audience seating were built into the show so you felt you were right in the middle of all the action. It is really worth the price if you ever get to Las Vegas. It is in the MGM Grande.

The water show at The Bellagio.

After two nights and one whole day in Vegas, we checked out and headed for California. Mickey was waiting for us after-all and I was excited to see how things have changed and the new California Adventure park. I have to say that the scenery all the way from Texas to California along Route 66 and I40 was really beautiful. We arrived safely at our hotel in Anaheim, threw down our bags, and headed to Disneyland (across the street). That however, is a story in itself and will be in another blog. I really wanted to spend time sharing our incredible road trip to California in a post by itself. I felt it was worthy of that.


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