My Favorite Sandwich Shop At Disney Springs

The Earl of Sandwich IsThe King of Sandwiches

If you have ever spent much time at Downtown Disney at either Disneyland or Disney World, you have probably eaten a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. If you haven’t then why not! We discovered it years ago when we were trying to find a place to eat at Downtown Disney, now Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. We always work in at least a day of shopping at Disney Springs. There is so much to do there if you love shopping and of course they have the largest souvenir store, The World of Disney. The dining options are also above and beyond what you will ever find in a mall or shopping center.

We had dinner plans so we were looking for a place to have a light meal for lunch when we notice a sandwich shop. We walked up to a very large menu board and it took a while just to decide what we wanted there were so many options. I was very pleasantly surprised that the prices were so reasonable as well, a rare find anywhere near Disney Parks.


I ordered a sandwich that was basically Thanksgiving on really good fresh bread . Really not too adventurous as this is what I do with Thanksgiving leftovers at home. I wasn’t too sure if it would live up to mine, but I was not disappointed. The turkey was piled on, then nicely seasoned dressing, and topped off with cranberry sauce. The sandwich was pretty large. It is really called the “Holiday Turkey Sandwich” and is big enough to share, unless you are very hungry.


There is an Earl of Sandwich at both Disneyland and Disney World and we’ve tried both. Just be aware that the one at Disneyland has mostly outdoor seating so you might take that into account at whatever time of year you are there. We were there in July and it was pretty hot. The girls had cold sandwiches so they enjoyed there's.  Me being stubborn, had to have my usual hot Thanksgiving sandwich and it was good but I probably should have tried something else. All in all, I would still give both locations an A+ for menu variety, quality of taste, and size. If you love a good sandwich, don’t miss this gem and easy on the budget as well.

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