Let’s Begin At The Beginning

Yes it's true, it all started with a mouse!




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I've had lots of experience writing blogs and even more with the world of Disney. When Walt quoted “it all started with a mouse”, I guess I can jump on that bandwagon as well. I was one among many that watched The Mickey Mouse Club every afternoon. Thus began my loyal dedication to that little mouse with the magical laugh. Years later I had the golden opportunity to go to Disneyland. My grandmother had moved from Texas to California, only an hour north of Mickey's new playground. So we packed up for summer vacation as soon as school was out and headed west. It seemed like a dream coming true. Walking through the front gate for my very first time, with the castle looming ahead, was like walking from one world to another. I've come to realize that this was the ultimate feeling that Walt created this magical world for. Families, people of all ages, coming together to have fun and spend time together. I'm not sure Walt even realized the way even grown-ups felt like a kid again the moment they stepped through the threshold…or maybe he did. I know that was part of his dream and I'm sure he witnessed that dream coming true. Walt actually had an apartment built on the property so he could watch families walking through the park. Sometimes he would even sneak down and say hello.

I can't imagine what an incredible memory that made for some lucky guests.  I was never one of those lucky people but even as a teenager I could feel Walt's fingerprints (by design) all over the place. Little known to me or the other guests, all the sights and sounds and smells were strategically designed to transport you to a magical place, and that my friends is why we return year after year (or as often as possible). Who doesn't want or need to escape our crazy lives for just a few days to cut loose and be a kid again. This blog post today is just the beginning and I hope you can relate to the roots of my Disney passion or at least you can understand how it all got started.

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