Hook Up The Camper And Pack Up The Kids

Vacations are all about making family memories!

Sitting around the table visiting with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law one afternoon, we began talking about a trip to Tennessee they were thinking about taking next summer to visit my sister-in-laws family. As we were talking, a thought popped into my head and I blurted out why dont we go too and then we can go down to Florida to Disney World? At first there was only silence, like when they play a cricket chirping on TV. A trip to Disney World sounds so expensive, but we have a whole year to save up for it. We had a really nice custom van that seats 7 people very comfortably and we also had a pop-up camper that sleeps 6. The kids were small, 7, 9, and 10, so room was not a problem. So that was the beginning of our plans for a great Florida vacation for the Moran family.
As soon as school was out the following June, we hit the road and headed for Tennessee. After spending a couple of days with family we headed south to Florida. The Fort Wilderness Campgrounds  at Disney World would be our home for a few days and I cant say enough about how much fun we had.
It was like camping in the forest with Bambi. Tall pines, rabbits and squirrels everywhere, and they had their own private beach and a large pool.  Since the camper was so small we really appreciated the large, clean bathhouses. They were only a short walk from our campsite and we even enjoyed the walk through the tall pines. You can take a dirt path or follow the paved road. You still saw rabbits, squirrels, and chipmonks everywhere. 
They also had a general store and a nightly show with Disney characters. The beach had watercraft for rent including ski boats, canoes, and paddle boats. We had fun taking a boat to the Magic Kingdom and it was only a short bus ride to Hollywood Studios. In the evenings, the campground had fireworks out over the lake. They also had an awesome lighted water parade on the lake. The adults kicked back in beach chairs while the kids danced around and played in the sand. Very relaxing after all the walking we did in the parks.
When we left WDW, we decided to head south to the Florida Keys. The guys enjoyed some deep sea fishing while the girls shopped and enjoyed the beach. It started raining on day 2 and it rained and rained. At least the weather was warm and the kids thought it fun to sit at the picnic table and eat their cereal in the rain.  After 2 days of non-stop rain and the camper deciding to leak, we headed up to Cocoa Beach for a couple of nights. We were ready for a nice hotel with hot showers and the beach was so much fun we stayed an extra night.
 Florida has so many fun places for families to enjoy that even if your plans dont work out in one place, there are many more places to check out and if you love the beach, they have miles and miles of coastline to choose from. It was definitely a family vacation that we will always remember. Our kids are now grown up with kids of their own and we still talk about that trip.
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