Eating Healthy at Disney World Can Be A Challenge.

I will prove it can be done!

One of the pleasures of a Disney World vacation is their fabulous food. So you might think  eating healthy is will be a challenge . However, it's not just our waistline that eating healthy can improve, but our energy level and quality of sleep while we are there. If you think trying to eat healthy might ruin your vacation, consider modifying dining plans to include some of the healthy options. That way you can still splurge with an occasional cupcake or ice cream or many of the other desserts available.

When we go, we usually stay a week, so you can just imagine the miles we walk, not to mention that it's hard to get quality sleep when you are loaded up with sugar and long hours in the parks. This has not gone unnoticed by many families and Disney listens. They find ways to improve your stay in as many ways as possible, including dining options. I first noticed that they would have fruit and juice carts in the parks as an option to replace soda's and candy. The kid's meals starting including fruit juice and fruit cups to replace fries. These may seem like small changes but it was just a start. Buffet breakfasts started adding more options that were a healthier way to start your day. Whole grain breads, muffins, and cereals have been there for awhile but they punched up the flavor and presentation to catch your eye. We are on vacation and we want to feel like it when we are dining.


Salads and wraps can be found in many of the resort restaurants. While they offer delicious choices and yummy ingredients, they can be pricey and hard to convince your kids or picky eaters to give up burgers and pizza. So Disney answered this problem by adding them to table service and quick service locations. You can even sneak in some grilled chicken and vegetables here and there.

I'm not suggesting that you eat healthy the entire time you are on vacation, but you will be surprised at how much more energy you and the kids will have if you mix it up and add a salad with the pizza or have a burger with an apple instead of fries once in a while. Once my kids got used to the fruit, they started requesting it, saying it was cool and refreshing on a hot day.  We also like having a salad or wrap for lunch and then would have room for a decadent desert in the afternoon. Be careful to stop the intake of high sugar foods after 4 PM if you want those kiddos to get to sleep on time. I'm sure they will be exhausted anyway, but a lot of sugar in the evening can pump up even the tired little one.  I know this from experience.

Be prepared before you go on vacation and have fun checking out the menus on the Disney Dining site. I like to try out new places to dine, but I also don't want to be too surprised about what's on the menu. That might work for adults, but kids are tougher customers to please. Also be sure to check out the menus before making your dining reservations. Most all of them have something your kids might enjoy, but it sure will save you time and money if you know that up front.


One thing I also love about the Dining Plans is that you tend to be more conscientious planning your dining options ahead of time, so when you are there, you just show up and enjoy your meals. Even if you just get the Quick Service Plan, you can check out all the locations and see their menus.


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