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Family Time With Mickey And Minnie

Disney Live! Mickey and Minnie's Doorway To Magic

My family had the opportunity to attend the Disney Live! Mickey & Minnies Doorway To Magic. It
happened that my daughters college roommate is one of the performers in the show and when she let
my daughter know that the show was in the area she asked if we would like to come to the show. Of
course the answer was yes..yes..yes! She told us that we would have backstage passes too, so we were very excited about attending the show. When we arrived we were escorted to the Floor Seating area and our seats were on the 4th Row.
We really love all of the shows we attend when we visit the parks, but it was very special to get to see someone we knew perform in one. I have always taken my daughter to these live shows that travel around the country every time one is in our area and weve continued that tradition with my granddaughters as well. I have to say we were all impressed with this one. The show was a lot of fun and typically a highly entertaining and well performed Disney show.  We were all commenting on the ride home how it felt like we were at Disney World during the show.  We are going to Disney World next May and it seems so far away. This show helped us feel like we were getting a preview of what's to come. So grateful we were invited to spend some together with our favorite characters.
After the show, we met with my daughters college roommate and she took us backstage to a room that was set up for photo ops. It was just like the Meet-n-greets at the parks. While we were waiting, we were all guessing which character might show up and were super excited when Mickey walked in. We got a few picks with Mickey and then in walked Minnie. So we were able to get some great shots with our two favorite Disney stars.
I wanted to share this experience because I wanted to let you know that when or if this Live show comes to your town or a town near you, GO see it. I know a lot of people think these shows are just for toddlers and yes it is great for all ages. The tickets are very reasonable for Disney shows and if you are a true Disney fan, then you will be glad you went.

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