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Disney Pin Trading can be addictive!

The most popular Disney collectibles are the pins.

Ive wanted to write some blogs about all the fun stuff to do at Disney World. I think one of the most fun things that I discovered from my daughter is Pin Trading. I had heard about it and saw all the carts around the parks with pins, but I never really thought about what they were for or why you might want to buy a pin as a souvenir. So on one of our trips to WDW, she had bought a lanyard where she worked at the Disney Store while she was in college. She explained to me how you can buy pins that you might like to keep as memorabilia, like maybe your favorite characters or rides. As she explained about pins, she also talked about pin trading with other guests and cast members. If you dont already know, employees at Disney are called cast members. Even the ones that work in the Disney Stores at the malls. I think its cute and cast members that work anywhere for Disney get all the perks that the park cast members get. By perks, I mean free park tickets, half off resort rooms, and discounted food.
Brodie loves to pin trade with the cast members!

OK, back to pin trading. It is supposedly quite acceptable to approach another guest wearing a lanyard with pins and request a trade. You each look over your pins and decide if you want to trade. Trades with other guests must be mutually agreed upon. However, if you approach a cast member and see a pin that you would like, they are required to grant you that pin in exchange for one of yours that you have chosen. My granddaughters are now pin traders and this is their favorite thing to do. TIP: Pins can be rather expensive, but you can shop around for cheaper ones, and most lanyard starter kits come with several pins. I also shop around on Ebay before we go and purchase pins by the dozen. You donalways know what you are getting but these can be ones to trade off for ones you want. I have two lanyards, one that has pins I have collected of my favorite rides at each park and the other one has pins that I save for trading. We have seen the lanyards and starter kits in some of the Disney Stores in the mall at home.

You can find the pins at nearly all of the gift shops in the parks and resorts. There are also kiosks everywhere that just sell pins and lanyards. Disney Springs has a shop just dedicated to selling pins, lanyards, and other pin-related items. We always make a stop in there when we shop at Disney Springs.  I'm pretty sure they have just about every pin that has ever been made and you can spend hours looking through them all.

Don't forget the person running the carts are cast members and they will be wearing a lanyard with pins and are more than willing to make a trade with you. Most of them also have a lot of knowledge of pins and pin trading and love to answer questions and talk about them. Just another way that Disney makes sure you have the best guest experience while you are visiting the parks.

If you are really interested in pin trading, there are books and guides on Amazon and Ebay.  I have even joined a Pin Of The Month Club for $9.99 a month. I look forward to getting them in the mail and Brodie has fun opening up the package to see which pin we received.  We love to mark them for keepers and traders so on our next Disney vacation, we will be ready.
Something new that we noticed on our last trip was the pressed pennies. We havent really started collecting all of them but I’m sure that will be something that we attempt on our next Disney vacation. The girls are already making their bucket lists and pressed pennies are on their lists.
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