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Disney News: The Gee family spends 30 days at WDW.

Click on their link to follow their story.

Disney News: The Gee Family visits WDW on their globetrotting adventure. We all dream about selling everything we own and traveling around the world. Well the Gee family did just that. In 2015 they sold everything, packed up the kids and set out to see the world. Lucky for us, they have a blog that follows the incredible sights, sounds, flavors, and cultures they have discovered. Their blog, The Bucket List Family, details their journey to more than 45 countries. The pictures and videos are incredible. The next part of their journey is taking them to Disney World and they are not just visiting like most families would. They are making it a true adventure by staying 30 days in a different resort every night. The Gee family entered and won Disney’s contest “30 Stays in 30 Days” and will be also enjoying all four parks and two water parks. You can follow their journey on their blog or you can also find it on Disney’s link: disney30days30stays.com . You can also follow them on Instagram (688,000 followers), You Tube, and Facebook.

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