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From time to time I discover interesting facts about Walt Disney World that even I did not know. Most of the time its when I am checking out Wikipedia, as we all know is THE place to gather truthful information and tidbits. So when you see a new post under Disney Nerd News: Did you Know???… and you are a real Disney nerd like me, then you will probably enjoy seeing what I
have dug up on my latest date with Wiki. For today, I thought it would be only fitting to excite (or bore, you decide) you
with the WDW timeline of events dating back to the very beginning. Im talking about the very, very beginning when Walt had a crazy dream about expanding to the other side of the country, later known as The Florida Project. Ive mentioned this in a previous post, but wanted to expand on where it all started, and where it all went. So without further adieu, here is the WDW
timeline that I found on Wikipedia:
1965 Walt Disney announces the Florida Project
1966 Walt Disney dies of lung cancer at age 65.
1967 – Construction of Walt Disney World Resort begins.
1971 Magic Kingdom opens Roy Disney dies at the age of 78.
1972 Disneys Village Resort opens and later becomes The Disney Institute.
1974 Discovery Island.
1975 Walt Disney Village Marketplace later becomes Disney Springs.
1976 Disneys River Country
1980 Walt Disney World Conference Center
1982 EPCOT Center opens.
1989 Disney-MGM Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, and Pleasure Island opens.
1996 EPCOT Center is renamed Epcot, Disney Institute opens.
1997 Wide World of Sports and Downtown Disney West opens.
1998 Disney s Animal Kingdom opens. Disney Quest at Downtown Disney.
1999 All parks closed for 2 days due to Hurricane Floyd.
2001 911 Attack causes all parks to evacuate early.
2004 All parks closed due to Hurricane Frances, then Hurricane Jeanne.
2008 Disney-MGM Studios is renamed Disneys Hollywood Studios.
2015 Downtown Disney is expanded and renamed Disney Springs.
2016 Walt Disney World celebrates 45th Anniversary and closes in October due to Hurricane Matthew.
I did not include the opening of all the resorts in this list to save it for another time. There are a couple of more interesting “Did you know?” lists that I will post at a later date, so stay tuned and watch for Disney Nerd News.


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