Disney Christmas Castles

If you have ever been to Walt Disney World at Christmas you know how amazing the decorations are. The parks and resorts are beautifully decked out in holiday splendor that are breathtaking. What sits in the center of all the magic is the Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom.

The entire castle is draped in lights that transform it into something magical. I could sit there for hours just gazing upon it's incredible beauty. The fact that the lights change color throughout the evening is a bonus I wasn't expecting.

It takes 200,000 lights to drape the castle and 18 miles of electrical cable to keep the lights on. It takes 6 weeks and hundreds of hours of manpower to complete the castle and involves large cranes that work through the night.


The text content of this article will be limited because I want the castle images to be the star of the show. As always, as beautiful as these images are, seeing it in person is where you really feel the magic.


If you are planning a holiday vacation to Disney World, the Christmas decorations magically appear immediately after Thanksgiving and they are around until usually the second week of January. Don't forget to check out the tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party to add that extra magic to your holidays. We feel it's worth the cost of the ticket.

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