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Did You Know You Can Rent DVC Villas?

The Scoop On Disney Vacation Club Villas For Rent

When you buy into the Disney Vacation Club, which is a time share for Disney Resorts, you purchase a set number of points you can use per year. Depending on the number of points you've purchased, there are different levels of resort spaces. A Studio is a large hotel room with a kitchenette, the one and two bedroom villas have full kitchens, and the high level points for the treehouse villas and Polynesian Bungalows. If an owner isn't going to use their points that year, they might rent them out. You can do this personally or you can go through a broker like David's Vacation Club Rentals. David's has been doing this for a long time and is one of the most trusted DVC rental brokers in Florida.

David's website has a great calculator that lets you know exactly how many points you need for each resort room according to the time of year. They also collect your fee and they are there for you if you have any problems. I would never rent points from an individual personally unless I actually know the person. I have heard horror stories about things going array when you have to cancel or change your reservation. David's will work with you to get things resolved.

If you are asking why you would want to rent a DVC room, you will see when you use the calculator that you can get a rental at a deluxe resort for the same price as a moderate resort. This is also a great option if you need a larger room with a kitchen. Having a kitchen saves a lot of money on your food bill. You will also get all of the on-site resort benefits like transportation and Extra Magic Hours. You will also get the free Magic Bands once you have your reservation number by linking it to your account on My Disney Experience.

One thing that I must highly advise is making your reservations as early as possible as these rentals do get booked up fast. Although, if you do need a last minute reservation, don't hesitate to call and see if you can get in and sometimes you can get in on a last minute sale.  This is just another reason it is best to use a rental broker like Davids Vacation Rentals. I have a link to their website and have an ad partnership with them, which means if you book through them, I get a small compensation. That being said, I would not have partnered with them if I didn't know they are the best one to use to book your Disney vacation. If you wan to know more you can read the Disclosure at the top of the page. So if you are considering a Disney Vacation Club rental for your next vacation, check them out. Please comment if you have any questions for me or comment and share your DVC rental experiences.

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