COCO Movie Review

The newest Disney movie, Coco, was in theaters this week. I have to say that Disney hit it out of the ballpark as usual. It was much better than I had anticipated and my expectations are generally high when I go to see a Disney movie. The music is incredible with a few songs that will definitely be hits. We had already purchased the soundtrack and fallen in love with the music. The cinematography was awesome and I can't remember a movie being so colorful since The Little Mermaid. The story was good and had a fresh storyline that pulled you in until the very end with a range of emotions from sad to happy to heartwarming. An excellent family movie about family and how much we learn from each generation that molds us into who we are. The main character's name is Miguel and Coco is his great-grandmother.  Due to circumstances from the past, the family is against music until young Miguel discovers his passion for music and tries to find a way to change their minds. I highly recommend this movie for any and all ages.

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