About Me and Mouse Ears 101

Hi there! Welcome to Mouse Ears 101. I have been a fan of all things Disney for my whole life. I have been blogging for over 6 years about Disney travel vacations and family lifestyle.  I have one daughter who is a second generation Disney fanatic and I also have two wonderful granddaughters that make up our third generation. My daughter is also a professional photographer. I have a full-time job and moonlight as a Disney travel consultant. I help people plan their Disney vacations. I've learned a lot over the years about everything Disney and I thought it would be fun to share my stories and might even throw in some fun tips and tricks I picked up along the way. You will probably also hear and see pictures of some pretty amazing food that you can find in the parks and resorts at all budget levels. So follow my blog and join the fun and don't forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter so you can get the latest blog posts, current Disney offers, and much more right to your inbox.

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