5 Tricks To Take Advantage Of The Dining Plan

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The Disney Dining Plan may not be for everyone, but if you decide to take the plunge and check it out, you might be surprised at how much fun it is to try new and exciting food adventures that you might not have thought about. I hope these tricks will help you get the most out of your decision to try the dining plan.

The dining plan is offered wherever you see this logo.

1. The dining plan doesn’t sound very flexible but you might be surprised when you start checking out all of your options. For example, the Table Service credit includes one entrée, one dessert, and one beverage for each of you in your party. However, if you share a meal you will save one of your meal credits and stretch your meals further. For instance if you just want an appetizer and a dessert and your spouse or someone else in your party just wants a beverage and entrée, you can share one Table Service credit and only have to pay for one appetizer. You will come out ahead in the end. The great thing about the dining credits is that they are pooled together at the beginning of your stay and you can use them however you want. With a little planning and research, you can get a lot of flexibility out of your meals. For instance, you might be busier one day so you can just eat 2 Quick Service meals and then the next day have a more relaxed day and eat 2 Table service.

2. Get the best value from your dining plan by where you choose to eat. Take advantage of a breakfast buffet by not eating until almost the end of the time limit to serve breakfast and eat a full meal. That way you can probably skip lunch and have a Quick Service dinner. The buffets give you the best bang for your buck so you might scope out where all these are located before you leave home. Don’t forget you get 2 snacks a day and they have really opened up the range of snacks you can choose from so you can almost fill up if you play your cards right. Also don’t forget you
get free drinks at your resort, so drink water all day which is good for you anyway and then enjoy a free beverage when you get back to the resort.

Refillable resort mugs that come with the dining plan.

3. Did you know that they offer free appetizers with some of the special seating dining reservations and starting in 2018 you will be able to get specialty drinks or single-serving alcoholic drinks with
every meal on the dining plan. For example, if you reserve the Fantasmic Dining Package at Hollywood Studios, you get a free appetizer. You can check out the Disney Dining website to find all
of the special seating reservations. These packages include special seating for the closing shows and can really add a special touch to your vacation. I highly recommend them for at least night.

Reserve the Fantasmic Dinner Show at the Brown Derby.

4. Locate all the restaurants, and there are plenty of them, that allow kids under 3 to eat free. I know my kids ate a lot at that age and it really saved us quite a bit. Might not seem like much of a trick but when you add up what your kid eats at McDonalds, you will be surprised and realize that free is great on your budget.

5. Last but not least, did you know that you can get the dining plan without have to by park tickets? The dining plans are related to your resort reservations and have nothing to do with how many
ticket days you purchase. So, even if you only have 3 or 4 day park tickets and you are staying 6 nights, you will have 6 days worth of dining credits.

So, to wrap this up, I hope I have shed some light on all the tricks you can master while enjoying the convenience of the Disney Dining Plan. We have tried more places and adventures that we
ever thought possible or would have if we weren’t on the dining plan.


  1. I love the tips, we haven’t been to a Disney resort yet. I think a vacation to a Disney resort will be in our plans in the next couple of years. Thanks for the money-saving tips.

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