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5 Disney Resorts That Can Save You Money

Check Out Disney's Value Resorts

When Walt Disney World built the Value Resorts it allowed families an opportunity to stay on property without breaking their budget. My family had always stayed at off property hotels to save money and we probably would not even been able to take our vacations there otherwise. So when Disney built the 3 All Star Resorts, families flocked to WDW anxious to take advantage of the perks that on site resort guests had been lucky enough to enjoy. The All Star Resorts were so popular and stayed so booked to the point of you having difficulty getting a reservation,  POP Century was added. The guests now had a fourth option but that didn’t relieve the problem of being able to get a room very easily and families with more than 4 guests were not able to stay, so more recently the Art of Animations became the 5th Value resort. Let's take a look at these resorts in more detail so you can make a good decision if you decide to choose this category of resorts.

All Star Movies Resort

The All Star Movie, Music, and Sports Resorts are 3 themed resorts that plunge you into a world that is oversized with your favorite characters and amenities that you can enjoy almost as much as the theme parks. We’ve stayed at the All Star Movie resort several times because we have so much fun taking pictures. The money we save gave us more spending money for souvenirs and character meals. Now we use our savings to take advantage of the dining plans.  We love the spacious food court with so many different choices for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Each resort has more than one pool, souvenir shops, and video arcades.  There are also laundry facilities. Just a tip from my experience, when you book a room, if the budget allows, book a preferred room instead of a standard room. It's not much more and if you have small kids that tend to fall asleep on the bus ride back from the parks so that you have to carry them, this feature is worth every penny. If your kids are older and that's not an issue, you can save your money and book a standard room.

Pop Century Resort

When we took our vacation during the Christmas holidays, we stayed at the POP Century and really enjoyed the retro-themed décor from my generation through my daughters. The pools are very large at all the value resorts to make plenty of room for any size family and there are more than one pool at each of them. There are plenty of warm days in December in Florida, so never forget to pack your swimsuits.  The nights can get cool enough for a light sweater, but the days are normally always warm enough for a swim. I usually check the National Weather Service website and plug in Orlando and get an idea of the weather to help me know what to pack. That way no surprises too to ruin your vacation.

Art Of Animation Resort Finding Nemo Pool Area

The fifth and newest value resort, the Art of Animation, is the largest of the value resorts and actually has four different themed areas to choose from. Three of them have family sized suites, Cars, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo have rooms that sleep up to 6 people. The fourth themed area is The Little Mermaid with standard sized guest rooms that sleep up to 4 guests. The three areas with suites run around the same price as the Moderate Resorts that only sleep 4 guests. That is why they consider them a good value. All four areas share a large food court, a gift shop and large lobby area.

Of course being on property offers guests free transportation to all of the theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs Marketplace. This in itself to me is a very big plus as all the resorts on property are much close to the parks and riding time is alot shorter.  This isn't such a big deal in the morning when you are heading to the parks, but believe me when you are heading back to the resort that evening and everybody is wiped out from all the walking, this shorter bus ride is a blessing. The dining plan is only offered to guests staying at the Disney resorts and you also can take advantage of advance dining reservations before you even leave home. You can choose Fastpasses before you go on your vacation and while you are there you can enjoy the Extra Magic hours. There is a schedule of what park and when they offer the Extra Magic hours so you can plan to visit that park that day. This is one of our favorite amenities because we can catch rides that get long lines and run out of Fastpasses early.

Fastpass Tip: Decide what is your first priority rides and go get those Fastpasses as soon as you get to the park (if you have not already gotten them online at home before you came).


  1. We enjoyed our stay at All Star Music several years back. It was pre-kids, and we actually had a room with a king bed! The resort transportation was great, and I loved being able to get Mickey waffles for breakfast right at the hotel!

  2. I love going to Disney! We’ve stayed a Pop and explored Art of Animation, and we had a good time. We are a little spoiled these days, though, because we like to rent points to stay DVC. We travel as a family of three now, so we fit nicely in a studio villa. We love walking to parks. Value resorts are still a great option, though, and they are really fun!

    1. Thanks Stacey! Do you use David’s DVC Rentals? I love his prices and he’s been doing this a long time. I have partnered with him as an affiliate and have a link on my blog.

  3. I’ve been to WDW 1 time and had trouble deciding on which resort to stay at, and that was without children. This is really great to know for next time! Thank you!

  4. Great info! I have never been to Disney and definitely want to take our daughter one day maybe when she’s a little bigger to know what’s all going on.

  5. Great tips for saving money in Disney! I always think “the more I save here, the more I will have for another trip later.” Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Your pictures have me wanting to go now! In a few years when our kids are a bit older I have this on our family bucket list to do, thanks for all the advice and suggestions! We have 3 kiddos, so the tips were definitely relevant to our family! Great post!

  7. What a great tip! I didn’t realize these hotels existed and I’ll definitely check them out next time!

  8. I love these resorts! We usually stay at Fort Wilderness, but we did do the All-Sports resort when we went for the half-marathon there. It was so much fun!

  9. I’ve never been to Disney. I had no idea there were so many resorts or even theme parks to choose from!

  10. Our last trip to Disney we stayed at All Star Movies! It wasn’t luxuriously by any means, but it was enough. And we were hardly in our room anyway so glad to save the money. 🙂

  11. Great info! Staying at Disney resorts is the absolute best!! When I went to Florida, we stayed off property and it was so far to get to everything!

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