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Know Before You Go: What’s “Under Construction”

2018 WDW Construction and Refurbishment Update

If you haven't already planned and booked your Disney World vacation, now is the time to jump on it while there are rooms available.  After you've picked the date for your vacation, your next step is where you will stay. I wanted to share an update of all of the resort refurbishments and construction that is going on so you will be aware of it as you are looking at your choices. Even if you find that your favorite resort or one you really wanted to pick is on the list, there is usually minimal interference with the areas that you will be using and any noise from construction would be during the day, never at night. I bring that up due to the fact that there is so many resorts that are affected by refurbishments that it might not be much of an issue at some more than others.  I just feel like you should know before you go!

One thing Disney has always been great about is letting guests know what's going on. When looking at their website at the resorts, you will more than likely see a notation in red that will let you know there is a refurbishment going on. You can click on it to get a little more detail.

Here is a list of the resorts affected by refurbishments:

Art Of Animation Resort: Construction of the Disney Skyliner gondola station will be ongoing throughout 2018 with mild construction noise between the hours of 9AM and 6PM. It will have very little impact on guests staying at the resort as the station is actually being constructed in the lake that is between AoA and the Pop Century Resort.

Caribbean Beach Resort: This resort is probably the one that has the most going on. The Skyliner gondola construction, Old Port Royale overhaul, and the Disney Vacation Club expansion. Also Spy Glass Grille is expected to open in 2018. Unless this is your absolute favorite place, I would pass on this one for now. Once all is finished, it will be one of the favorites.

Coronado Springs Resort: There's a lot going on here too with not only room refurbishments, but the addition of a 15-story tower and a new over-the-water restaurant. I haven't seem many complaints from guests, but you might want to avoid this resort for 2018 as well.

Pop Century: They have room renovations about half completed, but no complaints reported from guests on noise or disruption of services.

Old Key West: Complete room renovations from top t0 bottom are taking place but they doing them by units. This means they close the unit they are working on for construction and the unit you would stay in would not have any construction taking place. You will probably not even be aware of it.

Yacht and Beach Club: Both of these resorts have completed their room renovations. The Convention Center construction is still going on, but unless you are staying near the convention area, you won't notice it.

All Star Resorts: These resorts are also doing some minor room renovations, but they are also doing them by the unit so you won't notice anything.

Wilderness Lodge: Their Disney Vacation Club expansion is complete and the only thing noticeable is some revamping of the grounds with new plants, trees, and vegetation.

Contemporary: Minor room renovations and not noticeable by guests but just wanted to put that out there.

So to sum it all up, it all depends on what you are willing to put up with on vacation. Basically the only resorts I would shy away from for this year are the Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs. Those won't bother you if you know you won't be around the resort during 9AM and 6PM.  Please comment if you have had recent stays at any of the resorts and can offer your experience. Also contact me if you have any questions.

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